FaazImageGrabber V2

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Extremely Easy To Use

Just 3 steps to enrich your Wordpress sites with the right image you desired.

Time and Effort Saving

Stop tiredness and stress in searching article images. Install this plugin right away.

Rich Features & Filter

Completed features to search article images in just a couple of clicks

Saving In Bill

No need monthly payment, or API subscription. All you need to do is just install this plugin

Unlimited Site License

One time investment then install this powerful plugin to all your sites

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Did you often update new article every day?

Bored with the manual process of searching images on the free image provider?

How long time you spend for searching article images?

Thats the problem over years for wordpress user, right ?
Let see how the common process of image posted in wordpress sites
  •  open new tabs to searh image (its ok)
  • (waiting for) search image using search enggine
  • selecting the image then download it (how much time wasted)
  • Upload image to your post (boring! wasting time! leave it!! ... TIME IS MONEY)

  • Using API Subcription
  • Google now not provide it!
  • Using Azure Market (Bing Search API) $3/month for limited query
All the step above, it can be a lot of hard work and pay more cost every month if using API Subcription
Now I know what you are thinking... how to solve that problem right ... ?
So now, We created a magical software that made it MANY TIMES EASIER


~ Do it all [searching - editing - direct download to wordpress post] from your wordpress dashboard !!
~ No need API subcription [No monthly bill to pay subcription]

Most people will spend a lot of time just to look for the right images; even this process is really boring and exhausting.
This is a MUST-HAVE Grabber Plugin for All WP Site Users
The problem over years, that you have experienced can be solved

Without spending much time and getting stressed for searching article images.
Now, searching article images just needs a few clicks And can be done in a few seconds

Just needs 3 steps:

  1. Enter the keyword
  2. Use the filter
  3. Save the image

With FaazImageGrabber you can save a lot of time & money ! There is no more stress and boredom in searching article images. 

Unlimited site license is available right now. Do not miss it, its limited !!

Enrich Your Content with the Right Image & Increase Your Productivity !

Short Video - See How FaazImageGrabber Work
Extremely Easy But Powerful...

If you need !! 1 post with 10 image posted in common [searhing process, downloading process, editing process, upoading process] will take 15 mins - 20mins or more
Using FaazImageGrabber just need 3 mins , no more..
Wait !! It's Does not stop in terms of time savings, remember " No monthly bill to pay subcription "
Let's count if using - Bing Search API $3/month how pay for 1years ??? $3 * 12month (limited query) = blablabla....

FaazImageGrabber - Revolutionary The New Breaktrough Plugins that bring You to the next level !!
Don't Waste Time Again in Searching Images for Your Article.

~ Extremely Easy To Use
With only several clicks, you can get your desired article images. User Interface Friendly.

~ Time and Effort Saving
Simple steps, do all in wp dashboard. Stop tiredness and stress in searching article images.

~ Rich Features & Filter
We provide 2 search enggine, size filter, color filter, file type filter until license filter. Complete filter exactly for your needs to search and we will develop more in the future

~ Saving In Bill
No need monthly payment, or API subscription. Just one time you buy this pluign then and it's done

~ Unlimited Sites License
One time investment then install this powerful plugin to all your sites


Unlimited Site License: $67

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FaazImageGrabber V2 Wordpress Plugin
Iam Sure !! This is Solutions for All Wordpress User
Required Plugin If You Want To Be
More Relaxed & Don't Waste Time Again in Searching Images for Your Article
  • For All Wordpress Users with Any Niche also Perfect for Image Based Site
  • For Anyone Who Needs Fastness & Practicability & Simplicity
  • A True Businessman Will Not Miss This Opportunity
  • For Modern People Who Don't Like The Traditional Way
  • For Anyone Who Want to Envolve to the Next Level as Blogger
  • For Increase Your Productivity Which Is Accompanied Your Provit

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  • Responsive design mode
  • Fast Loading A-A (GTmetrix)
  • Fancy navbar
  • SEO Friendly
  • Optimized meta keyword, meta title, meta description
  • Optimized H1,H2,H3,H4 Every Pages
  • Completed Schema Structured Data
  • Breadcrumb Rich Snippet
  • Open Graph & Twitter Card
  • Thumbnail widget (recent post and random post)
  • Simple theme option
  • Easy - Direct link download
  • Download the size available for all device
  • Designed specifically for wallpaper site
  • Adsense Blended
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Theme Features

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FaazImageGrabber V2
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FaazImageGrabber V2 Wordpress Plugin
One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Unlimited Site License & Bonuses

FaazImageGrabber 30-Days Risk Free

If this plugin does not work well in 30 days, and we fail to give the solution to you, we will return your money 100%.

We do not give the money-back guarantee without any question. We need the complete reasons why you need a refund. If it is a technical problem because the plugin does not work well, we will help you to repair it until it works well again. Besides that, this purchase should be considered well.

Please read all the features, the descriptions, and FAQ about this plugin carefully on this page. We do not accept refund request just because you do not understand the features or other functions well from this plugin. The decision of purchasing should be made consciously, and you really understand the functions & features from this plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FaazImageGrabber tab not showing ?
Make sure you have activated the Faster Image Insert plugin, and insert right license code (no typo there like space before or after license code)

How many result images in searching ?
We provide 2 search enggine now with some different region, every search enggine gave the result Up to 100 images

Response result “Request Time Out”
To solve that just click the button Save Draft o refresh it.

What you must know, it's based on your server & request count of image also size of images. If you use shared hosting, I suggest no more than 10 images in single grab

Why some image can’t saved ?
See what the warning, if the warning is

~ isn't Valid Image!! -> This is because when you're renaming the "Filename" in Image Editor on the Last Step, you're not including .jpg extension

~ Valid Image but Can't be Grabbed!! -> Some site using extra security.. so their image can't be grabbed. We are still working on this; we will updates when it is done
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